Our Partners around the World

The MultiCultural Language Centre is constantly searching for avenues to benefit our students. Therefore we have created partnerships with recognised language institutions in other countries, giving our students the opportunity to continue their language studies overseas.

Our Local Partners

The MultiCultural Language Centre also allows our students the advantages of local partnerships. The Centre’s involvement with other multicultural groups and local associations gives our students the opportunity to meet native speakers of the language they are learning. Students therefore will have the invaluable chance to practice their new language skills with those who speak the language naturally. Our local partnerships also provide students with the opportunity to participate in social, cultural and sporting events organised by our partner associations.


New partnership with Capoeira Centre, Cordão de Ouro Perth

Capoeira Centre, Cordão de Ouro Perth

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that incorporates elements of martial arts, sport, dance, music and culture. At Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Perth, positivity is essential in encouraging the right physical and mental development in not only youth, but the young at heart.

Capoeira is a great way to have fun, work on fitness and experience a rich and vibrant micro-culture from a country that is already known for its culture, Brazil. Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Perth offers classes for adults and kids, so come down for help to become a fitter, healthier and happier person through the joys of Capoeira.


Scuola Romit

Wanting to learn to speak Italian in a classroom around the corner from the Colosseum? Then Scuola Romit is for you!

The school specialises in teaching Italian to foreigners from across the world. It is based in a lovely ancient building in the central area of ‘Rione Monti’ in Rome. The Forum and Termini Station, along with the Colosseum, are landmarks just steps away from the school.

Romit’s teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about their work, with years of experience in teaching Italian as a second language. The aim of the school is to teach students not only about the Italian language, but also about the culture, customs and traditions of Italy. Those who want to experience the genuine lifestyle of the Romans should look no further.

Join Romit to discover the language of Italy while enjoying your Roman holiday.
For further information please visit

New partnership with Cambridge Institute - Madrid, Spain

The MultiCultural Language Centre is proud to announce its new partnership with the Cambridge Institute in Spain, offering our students the opportunity to continue their language studies in Madrid.

The Cambridge Institute is a private educational centre located in Madrid, Spain. It specializes in language training, mainly Spanish, French, English and German. It is an associated centre to the University of Cambridge International Examinations and the British Council Attached Centre. The Cambridge Institute's work methodology is a guaranteed success for students who decide to join its training programs. The Cambridge Institute has received several acknowledgements and has signed partnerships agreements with the MultiCultural Language Centre. For more information, visit:-