About Us

livemocha1 All teachers at the MultiCultural Language Centre are native speakers of the language being taught, highly competent and dedicated to ensure each programme is delivered in the best possible way.  They are committed to make each class an enjoyable experience and to bring students information with methods easy to follow and understand.

Liliana Liliana Aguirre


Mexican born Liliana is a Spanish teacher and former committee member of the Mexican Association of Western Australia (FOMEX). Since her arrival in Australia 18 years ago, she has been extensively involved in organising and promoting multicultural events both in Perth and overseas. As a naturalised citizen herself, Liliana understands the challenges of learning another language and getting to know more about other cultures.

Francesca Francesca Urli

Italian Teacher

Francesca was born in Italy and studied several languages at the University of Udine. Her passion for travelling brought her to Australia in 2008; since then, she has been teaching Italian to both children and adults. Francesca is very passionate about her job. She wants to offer her students the tools to communicate in Italian and to develop an understanding and appreciation for the Italian culture.

Vanesssa Vanessa Dias

Portuguese Teacher

Vanessa was born in Sao Paulo Brazil and has a degree in Social Communications.  She has extensive experience teaching Portuguese, Spanish and English to adults and children in different countries such as Brazil, Mexico and South Africa.
Vanessa has a great passion for teaching and enjoys to present her classes full of insights onto the Brazilian culture.

 Lauren Kuntz-2 Lauren Kuntz

French Teacher

Lauren Kuntz is a native French speaker, born and bred in France. She has had extensive experience teaching French for more than 13 years in several countries. Lauren has also managed Public Relations and Stakeholder engagement in multicultural environments in Africa, the South Pacific Islands and Canada.
As an avid traveller herself, Lauren understands the challenges of having to find one’s path learning a new language.
Recently based in Perth, she is keen to share and provide the Multicultural Language Centre’s students with tips, tools and the essentials to learn the French language and culture, in an entertaining way.
Frederico Frederico Corra Ramanzini

Portuguese Teacher

Brazilian born Frederico has always had a passion for culture, languages and travelling. He holds a BA in Language Studies from the State University of Sao Paulo and speaks Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish. He has been involved in the fields of education, marketing and events organization since 1999 in Brazil, Australia and China, always aiming at creating opportunities for world travellers to understand other cultures while learning languages and developing communication skills.

 Marialucia Marialucia D’Alimonte

Italian Teacher

Marialucia was born in Pescara, Italy. She graduated in Languages and Civilizations of the East at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She began teaching Italian to foreign university students in Rome. During this time, Marialucia also received the DITALS Certification for teaching Italian language to both, children and adults. Before moving to Australia, she taught Italian in Croatia and the Netherlands too.
Marialucia passionately believes that language is the essence of culture and by learning foreign languages it’s possible to travel, enjoy and truly experience many of the fascinating aspects of other cultures.
She is now very happy to share her language and her culture with her students at the MultiCultural Language Centre Perth. Her courses will give you a taste of Italy and will take you closer to that beautiful country without having to take a flight.
Laura  Laura Beilby

French Teacher

Born to a French mother and Australian father, Laura resided in both countries, becoming fluent In the French and English languages from a very young age. After a year spent in Mexico on a Rotary exchange program, she undertook a degree in Applied Foreign Languages in Montpellier, France, majoring in French, Spanish and English. She then lived in Paris for 6 years. Laura has since worked as a translator and a language teacher. She has taught adults and children, privately and in group settings. Laura is keen to share with her students her passion, knowledge and experience of the French culture and language.

Anabela 1 Anabela Malpique

Portuguese Teacher

Anabela was born in Lisbon, Portugal and is passionate about studying and teaching languages. She holds a teaching degree in Portuguese and English Languages and Cultures, a Postgraduate degree in Portuguese Studies from the New University of Lisbon, Portugal, and a MA degree from the University of Leeds, UK.
She started teaching Portuguese and English in 1999 and has taught both languages to primary, secondary and undergraduate students both in Portugal and in the UK. Anabela has also taught Portuguese language courses for the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Leeds. Currently completing a Doctorate in Educational Psychology, she is an active member of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), developing research on literacy and writing in Portuguese and in English. Now living in Perth, she aims to continue developing her knowledge and sharing her passion about the Portuguese language and culture.
Francesca Montani-web

Francesca Montani

Italian Teacher

Francesca was born in Italy, where she completed her bachelor and master's degree in Translation at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. She has extensive experience teaching Italian and English to adults and children. In Australia Francesca has been involved in several educational projects with private schools and the Italo-Australian association in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. Francesca is passionate about learning and teaching languages. She believes languages are a powerful instrument to open our minds to different cultures. Her classes are a full immersion into the Italian culture!


Fabio Cardona

Spanish Teacher

Fabio is a Colombian teacher driven by his passion for languages and education. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Education from Universidad Distrital in Bogota, and a Master’s Degree on Education from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. During his post graduate studies he researched the similarities between English and Spanish and how these can benefit the learners’ performance.
Currently, Fabio works with ESL students and with those interested in learning the beautiful Spanish language. He is convinced that acquiring a foreign language involves cultural immersion, meaningful communicative activities and lots of fun.

Christine Christine Siao

French Teacher

Born and educated in Mauritius, native French speaker Christine came to Australia in 2007. Her experience as a freelance journalist presented the forum to now showcase her language skills. Christine, also a qualified children's swimming instructor, has a natural affinity with children and is committed to sharing her linguistic passion with them. Her classes are delivered in an educational, interactive and most importantly fun environment.

Carla Carla Zafalon

Portuguese Teacher

Carla was born in Brazil and has been teaching the Portuguese language for over 17 years. As a Cambridge University certified language teacher, Carla has taught at some of the most reputable schools in Brazil, England and Italy. Now living in Perth, she is keen to share her passion for the vibrant Brazilian culture through education and knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Alessia  Alessia Cubeddu

Italian Teacher

Alessia was born in Italy and she studied Literature and Arts at the University of Florence. She started to teach Italian to foreigners when she was still in Tuscany, but then her passion for travelling and teaching brought her to Perth in 2010, where she now also works for a welfare organisation helping the Italian community in Australia. She is a really positive and passionate teacher, always keen on sharing her own culture in a multicultural environment.

eugenia  Eugenia Schettino

Spanish Teacher

Eugenia was born in Mexico. She has a BA in Translation in English, French, Italian and Portuguese. She holds a teaching degree in Spanish as a Second Language and has 16 years experience teaching Spanish to adults in Mexico, England and Australia. She also holds a Teaching Certificate in English. Eugenia has a passion for languages, different cultures and traditions. She knows the importance of learning a language in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Eugenia is an active member of Friends of Mexico in Western Australia. Teaching languages, promoting her culture, studying about the origin of languages and travelling is what she enjoys the most in life.

Angelica 1 Angelica Prazeres

Portuguese Teacher

Brazilian-born Angelica has a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Mental Health Science awarded by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She has extensive experience teaching Portuguese to foreigners in student exchange programs in Brazil and to expatriates.
Angelica believes teaching Portuguese to her students is an opportunity for them to develop language competency while being inspired to cultivate an appreciation for the Brazilian culture. She brings together her understanding of different cultures and passion for education, reflected through the delivery of practical and interactive classes.
Ramaa Purcell

French Teacher

Parisian born and bred Ramaa spent the first 30plus years of her life in the heart of the romantic city, before deciding to settle with her New Zealander husband, initially in Sydney and then later in Western Australia.

Though she is many miles away from her native Neuilly, Ramaa regularly travels back to spend time with her immediate family. As an intrepid traveller, Ramaa has been to many places on our globe and loves the thrill and joy of uncovering new cultures, languages, tastes, styles and people.

As a language specialist, Ramaa is fluent in French, English and Spanish and speaks in part, a smattering of other languages.

Since 2002 Ramaa has been providing French tuition to both children and adults, both through mainstream educational institutions and via word of mouth. Through her warmth and demeanour, her classes have proven very popular, for both adults and children, in individual or group classes.

PicsArt 1404792364630 Giulia Bernasconi

Italian Teacher

"Giulia was born near beautiful Lake Como in Italy. She studied Literature and Art at the University of Milan and also has a Masters degree in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language.
Giulia has experience teaching Italian to adults and children, both in Italy and abroad. Having always had a passion for culture, languages and travelling has brought her to Spain, Venezuela and now to Australia.

She is committed to making the student learning experience as entertaining and uncomplicated as possible. As a passionate teacher, Giulia believes learning a new language is an incredible way to open our mind towards a new culture.